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Eliminate Refunds By Delivering A Remarkable First Impression

client welcome pack
In a saturated marketplace, stand out and make the first deliverable to your new client something which automatically generates raving referrals
Absolutely Top Class

The client welcome pack is absolutely top class ! Attention to detail, graphics and how professional everything looks is exactly what I was looking for! It’s so informative and exactly what I preach to my clients which makes it super handy for them to have it in one place where it’s easy to read and attain the information. A must have for any coach who wants to take things to the next level!

Shane O'Sullivan - 5 Star Fitness

How many times have you spent time on the phone with a prospect, had them pour their heart out to you and sign up to your coaching solution…

Just to get a text the next day that “after speaking to my partner, I don’t think I can go ahead with this right now” and requesting a refund?

Too many times.

It’s a waste of your time that you could be putting into your other clients.

It’s a waste of time that you could be putting into working on your business.

It’s time you could be spending with your family.

And it’s impacting your finances!

You tell them there’s a no refund policy, but you don’t want to get off on the wrong foot.

And you can get them on the phone and try to steer things back on track, but it just feels different after that, even if they do stay.

Worse, it can actually distract your focus and energy in the hunt for new leads for the next week.

It’s costing you money. To say nothing of the time and energy.

How do we make sure we reduce the number of refunds we have to give?

We start by understanding why they happen...

After parting with their hard-earned money to enter your coaching programme, your new client is experiencing emotional turmoil.

That’s a biological fact.

The more they’ve spent, the more emotional they are.

They are excited, hopeful and confident that you are the right person to help them. But until they see the inside of your world-class coaching programme, they’re simply a grand (or two!) lighter in their bank account.

That’s why it’s critical that the first point of contact with you after they’ve bought in eliminates all doubt.

This professional welcome pack, with fully customised branding and a warm, personalised welcome to the client will do just that.

This can be customised for your new client, even addressing them by name, within less than an hour of getting off the phone.

The ability to edit this pack is fundamental to your growth as a fitness business owner. As you need to scale, this welcome pack will grow with you.

First impressions count, and in the online fitness space, where your prospects are choosing from the very best coaches in the world, unfettered by geography or scheduling - you need to give yourself every advantage.

First impressions count, and in the online fitness space, where your prospects are choosing from the very best coaches in the world, unfettered by geography or scheduling - you need to give yourself every advantage.

client welcome pack

The Ultimate Welcome Pack is the Silver Bullet that:

  • Stops refund requests
  • Eradicates buyer’s remorse, and
  • Nurtures next level excitement in your clients

...that will have them hitting refresh on their inbox waiting for your programme to start.

Stacked with useful information that will save you time and effort repeating yourself about minor worries and concerns. This will free you up to focus on your overall mission: running a successful fitness business.

You are being clear about your communication standards. Your clients are expected to be self-directed enough to be able to use the tools you give them.

This Welcome Pack is more than a "nice to have"

It is an indispensable resource, saving you hours of real-time you would otherwise spend on your phone, texting clients bits and pieces of information as it occurs to them to ask.

That’s inefficient. It’s unprofessional. And worse, it sets the tone early in the relationship that this is how you want them to communicate with you.

Nip it in the bud, and provide them with a streamlined, professional handbook which reassures them that you have everything under control and their time in the programme is in the hands of a trusted expert.

Those saved hours can be reinvested in the parts of your business that really matter; providing an incredible client experience.

Your client expects a premium service after investing a premium price. But for lots of coaches, the onboarding process can often feel muddled, rushed, or inconsistent.
That’s a needless energy leak that a great welcome pack can plug.

Give the client a single, elite resource that not only answers all their questions in a clear and easy to understand way, but also will fill the silence between payment and receiving their plans.

This gives them something meaningful to get stuck into while buying you some time with their onboarding behind the scenes.

It standardises the information given to clients so that once they get a look behind the velvet curtain of your business, no one feels confused or disadvantaged.

You know exactly what every single new starter knows, and doesn’t know. You’ve got your finger firmly on the pulse of your business.

That promotes a sense of fairness between your clients which is a powerful leveller.
More established clients will know the information new people have when they come into the programme and can support them with their next steps.

This fosters a sense of community as well as the independence needed for your clients to be successful and to stay in your coaching programme long term.

Absolute Love The Welcome Pack

I absolutely love the welcome pack. Very professional, love the fact my logos are on it and it’s custom to my colour preference. The content in the pack is exactly what a new client needs to be aware of the basics.
It's a pleasure working with Graham and he’s extremely helpful, professional and very skilled at what he does.

Colm Nealon - D12 Peformance

What's included in the Welcome Pack

Laid out for your new clients in clear language that won’t overwhelm them are a number of sections, including...

Professionally Designed Custom Front Cover

Using a high quality, professionally edited cover image, we create a cover image that packs a punch.

Demonstrating the ultimate in professionalism and high quality delivery of your coaching services.

Welcome Message To Greet Your New Clients

Another professionally designed cover containing a friendly welcome message. Giving your new clients the feeling of care and reassurance that you are the right coach for them.

A full list of contents for the guide

Our Welcome Pack leaves no stone unturned.  Each topic is clearly marked for quick and easy reference for you and your clients.

In brief, it covers -

  • pyramid of importance for fat loss
  • muscle and strength gain
  • calories and energy balance
  • metabolism
  • the importance of NEAT
  • Scale weight (and what to focus on)
  • the reality of weight loss
  • stress (and the impact of stress)
  • the importance of sleep
  • hydration and dehydration
  • the macronutrients in detail, including macro sources etc
  • fibre, fruit and vegetables
  • supplementation
  • frequently asked training questions
Second To None

Recently got my new welcome packs made up by Graham the design and detail in it is second to none, really looks the part!

Lewis Anderson - LA Fitness

This isn’t about overwhelming your client with an avalanche of information. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

You’re giving them just enough that they buy-in to what you’re asking them to do, and giving them a clear action step.

When your clients are paying for a premium service, they’re expecting something impressive. Something different. Something they haven’t seen before.

With the “standards” that exist elsewhere in the industry, they’re probably pretty cynical. They may have paid your fee, but that doesn’t mean they won’t change their minds.

That’s why every interaction your new client will have with you should reinforce their buying decision. This premium welcome pack - delivered promptly, will do exactly that.

Leave them with the overwhelming impression that they’ve made the right decision and if anything - they should have done it sooner.

Just Incredible

The Client Welcome Pack is just incredible. My clients just love it and it has made a massive difference to my service. 100% Recommend it and Graham has been such a great help with everything too !!!

Sean Flannery - Online Coach

  • Full PDF document licensed for your use, so regardless if you’re sharing this with 1 client or 1000 clients, it doesn’t cost you a single penny more.
  • Licensed stock images which can, in time, be replaced with professional photographs of yourself, if you choose.
  • Branded to your main colour theme, so there are subtle and pervasive reminders of brand loyalty throughout.
  • Embedded logo to reinforce the professional branding and prevent other coaches from stealing your intellectual property.
  • Website or coaching name footers to redirect your client to other professional resources, including articles on your website, or to sign up to your email list.
  • Editable client name section and welcome message. It’s been said the most important word someone can hear is their own name and this takes seconds to edit. You get one templated document that you can edit and personalise for your client within seconds.
  • Personalised coach cover image which is instantly recognisable to anyone else that may see it and ask about it. This feature alone could passively generate thousands of pounds worth of referrals!
  • Personalised Coach inlay image on the welcome page which provides that vital human element that online coaching can sometimes lack. Go the extra mile and give a personal touch for them when it counts.

As a professional coach that recognises the value in investing in your business, you may be searching for your credit card already.

For clients to work with you, they’d be looking at investing several hundred, if not thousands of pounds.

And rightly so. They’re getting a bargain because you’re literally extending their life.

This welcome pack isn’t going to save a life.

But it can save a sale.

It can also generate sales for those clients who know that something cobbled together in a Word document in 5 minutes isn’t worth their investment.

I wanted to price this welcome pack at a price point that it could be made back with just one sale. A “no brainer” investment, that pays for itself over and over again.

So I spoke to the elite coaches that were asking for this about what they charged just one client to sign up with them.

Prices ranged from £1997 to £2500.

That seemed fair. But you won’t pay that.

I asked what they charged a new client before they had all the systems neatly in place to deliver life-changing results.

Those prices ranged from £1297 to £1997.

That seemed more like it.

But if you buy sooner rather than later, you won’t pay that either.

The Ultimate Welcome Pack, fully branded, that can be edited by you for every single new client that comes into your business for years… just £797 for a limited time.

I wanted to make this available for every dedicated personal trainer and coach out there that really cares about delivering a competitive, sector-leading service.

I wanted it to be accessible - not only to those who were already running six-figure businesses - but also for those who aspired to be that coach one day.

Here's what happens when you press that order button

Immediately after you order, you’ll be redirected to a thank you page. I appreciate you choosing me to work on your business. I love working with coaches that care about delivering an incredible experience for their clients.

Soon after that, you’ll get an email from me asking for a couple of things:

  • To submit at least 2 high quality images. Ideally, taken by a professional photographer.
  • Information about your branding, such as your logo and preferred colour scheme.

I’ll also be in touch to personally thank you. I’ll ask any questions I have about your business, your clients and to personally confirm that the quality of your images is good enough to represent your brand in the best quality possible.

I want to reassure you that your business will be treated with respect at every stage of the design process.

After that, I’ll need some time to fully brand and customise your document based on the information you’ve given. This includes logos, professional photographs, brand colours, and understanding of your client niche.

You can expect your fully branded, client Welcome Pack to be landing in your inbox in 72 hours.

You will also receive an email with a video and step by step clear instructions on how to edit your welcome pack.

You can start using it immediately!

28 Day Resolve Or Refund Guarantee

If you are not completely delighted with your welcome pack - for any reason whatsoever - you can get a full refund anytime within 28 days after your purchase. If you have any issues at all, just get in touch via the email address provided and I will personally work with you to resolve the issues or refund you in full.

Frequently Asked Questions

What part of the Client Welcome Packs are customised?

As standard, the Client Welcome Pack comes with a professionally design cover image and inlay page.  This contains a pre-written welcome message for your clients, speeding up the onboarding process.

Can I use my own images?

Of course! Although you could use stock images should you wish, the personalised cover image really packs a punch and is in my opinion, a real must.

Is the Welcome Pack editable?

The Client Welcome Pack comes in a pre-designed PDF format.  It is a non-editable, protected document meaning that your content is safe.

What if I'm not happy with the Welcome Pack?

In the extremely unlikely event that you are not 100% satisfied with this product, then all efforts will be made to resolve the issue. You will also be covered by the 28-day money back guarantee.

What if I'm not happy with the Welcome Pack?

In the extremely unlikely event that you are not 100% satisfied with this product, then all efforts will be made to resolve the issue. You will also be covered by the 28-day money back guarantee.

What if I want to add more content?

Due to the amount of information already inside, it's unlike you will want to add anything further.  However, should you wish to add any extra content, this can be arranged for a small additional fee.

And when you order today...

You can take advantage of these exclusive bonuses worth £491!

Bonus #1 - Branded Simple Meal Guide

As a former coach myself, know how little time coaches have to create quality client handouts.  So for every order, we also provide a fully branded Simple Meal Guide bundle. 

(Value = £197)

Bonus #2 - Fully Editable Client Training Template

If you provide clients with a downloadable training document, then this will only level up your delivery.
A fully editable Canva training template for you to send out your high quality programming.

(Value = £147)

Bonus #3 - Fully Editable Client Nutrition Template

If you provide clients with any for of meal plan or meal guidance, then you will love this.
A fully editable Canva nutrition template that is easy to use and edit. 

(Value = £147)

Absolute Game Changer

The Client Welcome Pack is an absolute game changer. It's so professional and my clients love it.  I can't explain how much time it saves me.  Amazing!

The Client Welcome Pack is an absolute game changer. It's so professional and my clients love it.  I can't explain how much time it saves me.  Amazing!

Adam Ambridge - Online Coach

It's decision time...

You can do things the way you've always done them...

Worrying about a "remorse refund" 

Giving the client multiple PDF's that completely overwhelm them

Or worse, an generic, unbranded word document or spreadsheet

Or even worse, a cheaper version of our Welcome Pack

Or you can invest £797 and literally change the game of your onboarding...

Have a fast deliverable that you can send within minutes

One document that gives your client all the basics they need

Professionally designed and of the highest quality

One that generates raging referrals straight away

Which would you rather have?

There’s nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain! For just a one-time investment of £797 you'll be given an onboarding guide that will help you turn your new clients into referral machines.

client welcome pack
Here's what's included today:

> The Ultimate Client Welcome Pack £797

> BONUS #1: Branded Simple Meal Guide ( Value £197)

> BONUS #2: Editable Client Training Guide (Value £147)

> BONUS #3: Editable Client Nutrition Guide (Value £147)

Total Value £1288
You Pay Just £797