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The Best Stock Image Sites For Online Coaches


The Best Stock Image Sites For Online Coaches and Personal Trainers

Whether you're an online coach, personal trainer or just someone growing a business online, you'll know the importance of using high-quality images with your content.

Not only do these give your online coaching business a professional online presence, they stand out far better on social media.  A win-win situation all round.

But a question I'm often asked by online coaches, is "Were can I find the best images for social media"

Well, in this article I show you the best stock image sites coaches and PT's.

And I'll also tell you a secret "bonus hack" how you can get premium stock images, absolutely free.


Stock Image Site 1



Mockup of freepik website on macbook

FreePik is hands down the best all round stock images site. It includes a whole array of image formats from high-quality photos to photoshop mockups.

You can use many of these images for free, but some do need a membership.  One great features about FreePik, is that you can subscribe to your favourite artists.

This allows you to get similar styles of images for your content, giving that "familiar" feel.



Adobe Stock


Mockup of adobe stock website on macbook

Although this is a paid subscription, it's hard to beat if originality is your game. With probably the largest image database of all stock sites, it can certainly give you a selection headache.

Again like FreePik you can save your favourite contributors.  Searching their portfolios can reveal some really unique images.

You can get a free one-month trial for Adobe Stock, giving you 10 high-quality images.  Just remember, that you will join their annual plan should you forget to cancel before the month is up.





Mockup of pixabay website on macbook

PixaBay is a completely royalty-free stock image site with over 2.5, to choose from.  But not only that, it also stocks great video content too.

So whether you're an online coach looking for images for your social media feed, or a video for your website, you can't go wrong.





Mockup of pexels website on macbook

A bit of a hidden gem.  Like Pixabay, they also have an array of stock video footage you can also use.

Most of the images are royalty free, but I'd always recommend checking the user licence.




Canva has a broad range of images. From photo mockups to animated illustrations. 

You can also find some really good "image series" , too.

Never heard that phrase before?

Well, an image series is simply a series of images with the same subject, background etc, in varying poses - great for designs like seamless carousels.

But here's the juicy "bonus hack" I mentioned earlier.  If you're a Canva pro member, you also get access to some "premium" Adobe stock images.  You won't be able to search for them, but trust me, they are there.

"How do you find them?" I hear you cry.

Head to Adobe Stock and search for an image you like.  Click on the image and highlight the title.  You will find its very descriptive.

Now head into Canva, and paste this into the photo search bar.

Chances are, the image will be there.  Boom!

So, there you have it.  My take on the best stock image sites for online coaches and personal trainers.

I hope you found this useful.

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As a former online coach with a deep, inside knowledge of the fitness industry, I combined this with my unique blend of design and marketing to help coaches to create a distinctive yet professional brand that is instantly recognisable on social media.

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