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Calling all online coaches, personal trainers and facility owners...

finally, the solution to your content creation and engagement problems is here

And You Don't Need ANY Design Experience!

As an online coach, you know how important social media is to grow a successful online business.

When you have an engaged audience and effective content, it’s like having a blank check for unlimited profits.

But here’s the problem…

Most coaches simply do not have effective content.

They may get success with odd single post here and there, but they rarely get DM's or inbound leads without hounding every dad, mum, sister and brother.

That's led many to claim that "social media is dead"

Nothing could be further from the truth...

(but we'll let them keep believing that, so we can profit from social media ourselves)

Look, I've been in the online fitness space for over 6 years now... and although things may appear to be on a downward spiral...

Trust me, there's plenty of cash left on the table.

And you're about to get your hands on System That Less Than 1% Of Online Coaches Will Ever Know Exists

A system so powerful that it’s literally going to give you an unfair advantage over everyone in your market.

This same exact system is the reason I was able to generate over £250,000/yr in my company to date, that number is constantly increasing because I actually still run a successful design business - while only working on my own content for 2 hours per week…

And I did it without having to prospect for leads, do sales calls, create proposals, manually follow up with clients, or chase people around on Instagram.

Or ever have to worry about when and where the next client is going to come from…

I Never Have To Think About These Things - Because The System Does It All For Me - And Now
- It’s Going To Do It All For You…

All you have to do is implement it and you’ll be ready to go - it’s that easy.

Now, that single decision you just made to click this link - is the second most important decision you’ve made…

The Most Important Decision Is Going To Be Right Here, Right Now - On This Very Page...

Because I’m going to give you a shot at something that was never part of the plan.

Actually, it’s pretty risky for me to do it - because it can and probably will open the doors to others competing with me in my own market…

And that something is that..

I'm going to give away my whole Business

That’s right…

Not just TELL you about how to create carousels - which I did in my Carousel Masterclass.

I’m Talking About Giving You All of Our Internal Client Getting Strategies, Ad Templates, Social Media Templates, Client Worksheets, Training Templates, Nutrition Templates, Video Thumbnails, Facebook Group Engagement Content,
E-Mail Footers, Lead Magnets …

Plus all of the training to go with it to show you how to implement it in your own coaching business…

Basically, everything you possibly need to generate leads and sales online…

I never planned on doing this - the thought of it even freaked me out…

Because I have £225,000+ a year on the line if I do this - yet here it is and here I am…

You see…

I wanted to create something that has never been created in this way…

Something so simple yet highly effective that it would be a total game changer…

Something no other design coach has the time or skills to do...

Put It All On The Line, Show You How It Really Works And Sit Back And Enjoy All Of The Success Stories That Come Out Of It…

And that’s exactly what happened - people started implementing the information in my mini masterclasses, using my templates, and started getting instant results...

And I know without a shadow of DOUBT that the next steps are going to be a complete game changer for you…

Once You Start Using The Templates And Implementing The HIPE Method - Everything Is Going To Change For You…
  • You’re going to start generating more engagement online...
  • Which is going to turn your inbox into a client getting machine
  • Which means that you’re going to get clients easier than ever…
  • You’re even going to have to learn to say NO to inbound leads...

And that’s when everything is going to change for you...

But, Then I Thought…Will It?
What If None Of That Happens For You?

What if you watch my trainings, get inspired and do nothing about it?

That’s exactly what I found some of my previous course members doing...

If you decide not to implement everything in the masterclass, “I’m too busy”, “I don’t have time” or “I have better things to do”...

Or whatever the reason might be.

If you decide not to put it into practice.

All the hopes you had for your business go up in smoke.

And Unfortunately. This Happens All Too Often.

In fact. It happens about 75% of the time, if not more.

Not opening a product that you ordered, or opening a product and not acting on it, is a very real possibility for you. A very real threat to your success.

And if it happens...

…Your dream will only remain a dream....

You Will Continue To Struggle To Get Clients , You Will Continue To Do The Work Yourself, And You Will Continue Being A Glorified "Hobby Coach"...

Most people sell a product. And if 10% take action they’re lucky. They get testimonials from those 10% (if the product is good).

What about the other 90%?


I don’t want to leave the 90% left behind.

In fact, that concerns me.

Because here at Graphics For Coaches HQ, we want to get testimonials from as much as 90% of the people who buy our products.

I want to get almost everyone to take action and you’re about to see why...

I Faced This Problem, Like Every Other Coach Does, When I First Created My Creative Carousels Course

75% just weren’t using the product and therefore not getting results.

I said to myself, I'm not going to let that happen.

I don’t know

But it’s not going to happen to our customers.

So let me tell you the story.

I Needed To Find Out Why People Weren’t Cracking Open The Content - So I Took A Survey...

I gave them four options:

1. The course seemed too

2. I don’t have time to watch it

3. My content isn't that bad anymore

4. I lost interest in my coaching business.

And then I left a box for them to write in any answer they

And when the results came in i was shocked

The vast majority of coaches were saying the exact same thing.

They really did crack open the course.

They really did watch it.

And they didn’t lose interest in fixing it.

I was so proud of them.

But their social media content was still in "hobby mode".


The Reason They Said They Didn’t Get Results Was Because...

Drum roll please…

Learning one thing was easy, but implementing it was the hard part - they didn’t have the time for it.

This thought hit me like a lightning bolt.

Of course!

  • Writing copy takes work...
  • Creating designs takes work...
  • Scheduling the content takes work...
  • Looking at insights takes work...
  • Keeping up with trends takes work...
  • Keeping Facebook groups engages takes work...
  • Providing clients fresh content takes work...
  • Creating assets for your clients takes work...

And last but not least - making it all come together - that takes a lot of work…

Of course people are struggling with

And It’s Not Your Fault! You’re Probably Too Busy To Do What Needs To Be Done For Your Business To Scale

Your time is very valuable!

So I thought about this.

And thought some more.

And I started to day dream.

And I Said I Wish I Had A Way To Just Flat Out Clone My Own Design Forumla And Give It To You - Have Everything Done For You - Ready To Go…

If I could do that...

I would let all of my customers use it.

Then I thought.

That’s ridiculous, that’s impossible...

or is it, because the truth is...

We’re living in a special time - where we run our businesses virtually, on computers, stored in various data centers around the world - where you can copy and paste information at a click of a mouse…

So what if instead of “giving you” my whole business...

I just let you copy everything...

What if I gave you You All of Our Internal Client Getting Strategies, Ad Templates , Social Media Templates, Client Worksheets, Training Templates, Nutrition Templates, Video Thumbnails, Facebook Group Engagement Content,
E-Mail Footers, Lead Magnets


I’m talking about going all out and giving you EVERYTHING you need to go from where you are to where you want to

So think about this - I’m going to hand you EVERY Client Getting Strategy, Ad template, social media templates, client worksheets, training templates, nutrition templates, video thumbnails, Facebook group engagement content, email footers, lead magnets and everything else.

  • For example, the exact process that anyone can use to get 2-3 clients a month from instagram (without having an audience or ever paying for it) - all by using a 2 slide carousel… One of our students: Lydia, got a client in week 1 just by following this strategy
  • And the process we use for finding the best, scroll-stopping images you can find online AND how to get these for FREE
  • And what if I showed you the exact templates I've used online for years, and how I've used these to create a multi 6-figure business...

That’s not a hypothetical question here, because that’s exactly what I did.

I created the content design academy
CDA Sctack

It contains everything I use in my very own design business that took me from £200/m to £26.9k/m in sales.

Everything from starting out on Canva, to creating a never ending stream of

Starting Out With Canva Domination Section


How to go from Canva-no to Canva-pro in under 60 minutes.

Our brand new Canva mini-course gives you our BEST time saving Canva hacks and shows you everything you need to know without you even needing to break for coffee.

I'll show you how to go from canva-no-to canva-pro in less than 60-minutes

That’s right - you’re going to be able to tap into my best kept Canva tips and little known secrets that will get you thinking "ahh, that's how he does it".  Which will not only get you creating epic content in super-short time, but will also 5x your engagement too.

And the best part?

  • Your content will start to generate inbound leads
  • your content will generate more money
  • And as a result your business will grow

Turning you into a content creation machine.

Next up...

I'm going to unveil my best social media templates and downloads, for you to swipe and deploy with military precision.

Save hours of time, effort and energy every week with our swipe "n" deploy templates

Knowing how to use Canva saves time - FACT! But if you want to save hours of time, then you need more.  This is where our perfectly crafted social media templates come into a league of their own.

Next up...

I'm giving you more coaching content than you could ever imagine.

You'll get access to the ultimate coaching content swipe file

Instant and unlimited access to our complete library of Canva templates and downloads. From infographics and educational content, to CTA swipes and transformation templates. £3000 worth of templates available in an instant.

Next up...

I'm about to give you my flagship Instagram carousel course.

You'll see how to create the highest quality Instagram Carousels

My best selling course of 2021 and still generating income today. This 60-minute carousel course gives my best hacks and carousel secrets that show you how to make killer content like a pro.

And remember...

You're not just getting trainings here.

you're getting a complete library of high quality templates and coaching content

To ensure that you can not just generate more clients through social media. But also KEEP these clients with high quality coaching content.

Instagram templates
You're getting my instagram post templates

Whether it's a single post, carousel, Reel or'll find a template for it.  And not just a plain, boring template either.  One that has been tried and tested in the field.

Next up...

instagram carousels
You're getting my instagram carousel templates

Instant access to 40+ seamless Instagram carousel slides.

Carousels are still the most saveable content type on Instagram, and, despite what you're lead to believe, absolutely kill it with conversions compared to Reels.

Next up...

You're getting my coaching content assets and templates

£4188+ worth of fully editable and customisable coaching content.  All of which has been sold individually to coaches all around the world.

This is just a fraction of what you get...

And what's more, new and updated content is added every single month!

The content design academy Comes With Everything You Need to Get Clients, Create content, save time AND enjoy the process
CDA Sctack

More importantly it means you will actually DO THIS.

Everything will change for you once you implement the HIPE Formula - and from what I just outlined you know you can do this for sure...

There will never be a moment of confusion on how to create content because the Content Design Academy will show you this.

No matter who you are...even if you think you don’ need the Content Design Academy.

Because The content design academy Is The Only
Way I Can Ensure You Get Every Benefit our system has to offer

Also, and I don’t mean to put pressure on you, but I like to reward quick thinking and quick action.

And for that reason the Content Design Academy is available for 50% off on this page only.

Once you click out, you strike out on your opportunity to get the Content Design Academy at 50% off.

Now you see why it was so important that you read up to here.

This decision about whether to join the Content Design Academy could make or break your success with your coaching business.

So now the question is....

What is that success worth to you?

What is freedom worth to you?

What is the ability to have the coaching business you always dreamed of worth to you?

I can tell you what I paid and what it’s worth to me...

I paid 3 years of my life and generated £325,000 in the process to make the content design academy - so you should get results

I did all of the hard work, and figured everything out, so you don’t have to…

What’s your time worth?

And what’s a client worth to your coaching business?

I can’t answer that for you, but what I can do is tell you what our clients are worth…

But my average client is worth £2,000+…

So If Everything In The content design academy
Got You Just One Client At £2,000…

That means this would be easily worth £2,000 are bare minimum…

One client to pay for it all...that seems like a deal right?

Yeah, but we’re not here to do deals…

We’re here to help you get where you need to go…

So even if you paid half of that - that would make it worth £1,000…

Since I made it for your benefit it might make sense to charge these prices because between the cost of testing it, figuring it all out, creating it, organising it, packaging it and creating the training around it...

As you can see, it’s not cheap,…

And I thought long and hard about this…

On One Hand I Want Everyone To Have
It i Want To Make it Free...

On the other hand....I can't stay in business by just giving everything away...

I have costs to keep the servers, support and staff running and there’s the risk of opening competition to our own company…

I thought long and hard about charging £1997.

Knowing full well you can get all your money back from just a couple of clients.

It seemed like a fair price.

But then we thought more about how much you guys are in need of something like this

And how your credit cards might not be able to withstand another £1997 on it.

So I settled on £299/m.

£299/m it was.

For a time.

Then I thought...i could do better

I chopped the price again.

To £249/m.

And then one more final chop to just


That's it! - just £199 for instant access to the academy

Now just to be 100% transparent, this is a rolling monthly payment.

And the price is £199/month...

But...there's no contact and you can cancel any time.

So you're getting...

  • All my internal client getting strategies
  • Ad templates
  • Social media templates
  • Client worksheets
  • Training templates
  • Nutrition templates
  • Video thumbnails
  • Facebook group engagement content
  • Lead magnets
  • Email headers and footers
  • And all my best tips, hacks and social media secrets

And what's better.

It's completely guaranteed

Try this out on my money.

Try it for a full 30 days.

If you don’t get actual results you can see on your business.

Or if you don’t feel the Content Design Academy made this process easier than anything could

Or if you're not happy for any other reason at all.

Shoot us an email to [email protected]

And you get every penny back.

I won’t ask you why.

I won’t ask you a single question.

Your info is confidential so I won’t even know about it.

You’ll just get every penny back.

Right onto your credit card.

How’s that for believing in this and believing in your ability to achieve success with this...

There’s a button below.

That button is your key to guaranteed success.

That button is your key to having the agency you’ve always wanted.

That’s your key to freedom....

That’s your key to a better life.

How’s that for believing in this and believing in your ability to achieve success with this...

There’s a button below.

That button is your key to guaranteed success.

That button is your key to having the social media engagement you’ve always wanted.

That’s your key to your online success....

That’s your key to a better coaching business.

So Hit That Button Right Now And Your Account Will Automatically Be Upgraded To Include The
Content Design Academy…

Your Content Design Academy membership will be unlocked, and you can begin using it the second you login to your members area.

If you really think about this....

It’s just $3.23 per day over the course of one month.

Many of you spend as much as 4 quid+ a day on coffee.

But instead of investing in making some coffee boss rich.

Start investing in your own coaching business (just like you tell your clients).

Skip the coffee.

And invest in you.

This Isn’t A Hard Decision, Because...
This Is Going To Make Sure You Actually Get All
The Results You Want From The Product
You Already Bought

So take a good look at the button below.

Realise what it means. Your online success. Your dream coaching business.

And hit the button now, and I’ll see you on the inside.

You’ve Got Options. I Should Let You Know.

You can spend the next few years and at least £2,000 to get this done for you.

You can do nothing and stay where you are.

Or you can invest less than £100 in yourself and your future… and get absolutely everything I promised for a fraction of the work and a fraction of the time.

If You’re Truly Committed To The Success Of Your Agency. It’s Not Even A Decision For You.
You Know Exactly What To Do

You know you need to hit that button below and the rest is done.

Hit the button now and lock in your success.

Hit the button now and make the hard work easy.

Hit the button now and eliminate all the stress of this process.

Hit the button now and try it out for 30 days before you even decide.

For whatever reason. And for every reason.

Hit the button now. And upgrade your order.

And I’ll see you on the inside.