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For the Frustrated Online Coach That Wants To Easily Create Attention-Grabbing Content That Generates Leads on Tap

In just 21 days, even if you're a Canva novice

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If You're A Coach Who's DONE With Spending Hours Creating Content That Doesn't Convert...this is for you

The average online coach spends 4-6 hours per week on content creation.

That's almost 2 whole days each month, solely on creating social media content for their brand.

Now, if that content is generating floods of leads, then it’s a very good use of your time.

However, if you’re like most online coaches, that’s 4-6 hours a week that you can’t afford to waste.

Especially if your inbox isn’t filled with leads, and you’re not seeing an improvement in your bank balance despite all this work.

In fact, you might be reading this page and thinking:

“But It’s impossible to get clients through social media…it’s just too competitive.”

“Don’t you need a chunky ad budget to even get leads?”

“Is it even worth posting content anymore? Hardly anyone sees it.”

"It just feels like every time I post something, I get ignored, even though I've got thousands of followers"

“It’s easier in person, and maybe I’ll just quit online coaching all together”

The truth?

The online coaches that are absolutely killing it right now all have one thing in common.

They completely nail their design.

When you see their content you immediately know who’s posted it before even seeing their name.

It’s almost like the image is screaming “read me, read me”.

THIS is what you need to be doing.

And whilst you might think designing highly-engaging social media images might require a bit of skill, it’s definitely not rocket science.

You don't even need any formal design qualifications or experience...

I don't have anything like that.

Yet, I scaled my fitness design "side hustle" business to 6-figures in under 6-months....

And I've caught the attention of some of the biggest names in the fitness industry, purely through my social media graphics.

I've reverse engineered my process and realised that...

Every Successful Social Graphic I Make Harnesses My Simple 4-Part "H.I.P.E" Formula.


Phase 1: HEADING

Punch your followers in the face with a short, sharp heading - without giving the entire post away.
Evoke curiosity and get them to read.


Phase 2: Image

Choose an image that is either relevant or, plays with the theme of the post that is different to anything else your followers will see that day.


Phase 3: Personal Branding

Gives the design the final polished appearance. Your consistent use of colours and fonts, combined with subtly placed contact info.



Seal the deal by letting your audience know who you are.  Add your name, coaching name, logo or handles on the image to give it the balanced look.

The benefits of using this formula as whole, are that you create an image that:

  • Stands out and slaps your followers across the chops
  • Looks different to other coaches generic content
  • And ultimately, brings in more leads

And in no time at all your audience will start to interact and respond to your posts...

Fill your DMs with questions about how they can work with you...

And you'll finally see your business grow month-after-month thanks to your social media efforts.

Want to see how effective social media design can be when done right?

Here’s what some of my clients are saying:

And the great news is, you can achieve results just like this too.

Without spending hours learning graphic design, following boring YouTube tutorials,
or, hiring a designer to do the work for you.

You could even do it first thing in the morning whilst having your coffee.

It’s a simple, quick, yet highly effective social media design solution for online coaches who struggle to get leads online... 

And will take your social media pages to the next level.

Which will have other coaches drooling over your content…

While your inbox starts to fill up with inbound leads.

Plus boosting your engagement to sky-high levels…without having to dance around on camera pointing to words on the screen.


The 21 Day

Design Domination Challenge

Over the next 21 days, I’m going to show you just how easy it can be to create social media designs that turn followers into fans, and clicks into clients.

We will explore my H.I.P.E formula in detail, giving you the exact step-by-step method I use to create knock-out social media images in less than 20 minutes...

...and give you templates and cheat sheets to follow and use.

So whether you’re a complete beginner or avid Canva fan, you will quickly turn your content from bang average to killer in just 21 days.

Sounds good...but how does it work?

I'm a huge fan of keeping things as simple as possible.

So the Design Domination Challenge will run inside a private group where I’ll be posting a daily template or training for you to follow along and use.

And all you need to do is create a social media design each day based on my training, and post it in the group.

Now don’t worry, you won’t be judged or made to feel stupid. This is about learning and implementing.

You don't have to post it on social media, or even do anything with it at all.

But by simply getting familiar with content design on a frequent basis, the better, quicker and more confident you become.

  • No hours of lessons to watch
  • No compulsory homework to submit
  • No zoom sessions to attend

However, I need to stress.

This is NOT coaching or hand-holding.

Chances are I’ll offer the odd bit of feedback.

And if you have questions you can post them and I’ll answer.

But I don’t want this to devalue what my £1000/m private coaching clients pay.

That said, you’ll still get HUGE VALUE from this.

Because if ALL you did was join and swipe my templates.

I’m sure you’ll agree that having access to the kind of designs I have used to create a £200,000/yr online business isn’t all that bad.

Think of it like a bit of an accountability challenge.

But with the added bonus of having my templates to swipe each day.

Ok, so what’s the cost of the Design Domination Challenge?

Initially, I’d planned to run this challenge element to a full social media design course, priced between £597-£1197.

But, because this is an “experiment” and the first time I’ve run any form of challenge……it’s 100% FREE.

Well, that’s not technically true.

The 21 Day Design Domination Challenge will be 100% free……but only for members of the Content Design Academy.

Now you don’t NEED to be a member to take part but there will be a small investment.

What is the content design academy?
Content Design Academy

It’s my monthly membership platform that helps online coaches and personal trainers to completely level up their coaching content.

Inside you will find:

  • Drag and drop social media templates so that you can create rock solid content within minutes.
  • Hours of video trainings and tutorials for you to follow along to bring that razor sharp edge to your designs.
  • Swipe and deploy coaching templates, to ensure you’re giving your clients the best looking content and handouts.
  • The latest insider tips on all things social media content.

With new content, trainings and templates to download each week.

There’s no minimum commitment. You only need to be a Content Design Academy member for the duration of the challenge.

What if I'm not a member (or don't want to join yet?)

Initially, I was going to keep this challenge solely as a bonus for the current CDA members.

However, as this is the first time I've run any kind of challenge like this, non-CDA members can still join……for a one off payment of just £47.

As it stands right now, there will be no option to sign up for this challenge again.

Even if I run another group program, being a CDA member will be the only way to gain access.

WHat kind of coach will you be in 21 days time?

The kind of coach that is always complaining about the lack of leads and engagement on social media.

The kind of coach that jumps from platform to platform and blaming the algorithm.

The kind of coach that copies other coaches content, hoping that it will work for you.

A coach who will just keep throwing shit at the wall, hoping it sticks.

Or, will you be:

A coach that takes a dead account and turns it into a revenue machine.

A coach that creates unique, thumb-stopping content.

A coach that has fun on social media, and actually enjoys the creative challenge.

A coach who only needs a few minutes per day to create content that converts.

Okay, I'm in! When does it start?

The challenge starts on Monday 25th April and the doors are now open.

Please note - doors close at midnight on Sunday 24th, or when all spaces have been filled.

If you want to be a part of this awesome, one-off opportunity to work alongside me in a private group setting, and get plug and play social media templates, don't miss out.